The GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM is a significant loyalty program for BYDO customers, enabled through the BYDO digital app.
The purpose of the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM is to create an international network of discounts offered to consumers by the businesses/Sellers (hereinafter “businesses” or “Sellers”) cooperating with BYDO, by acquisition of the digital GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD.
The GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM is an innovative loyalty program, developed by BYDO and available to its customers through its digital apps and services. The GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM, allows cooperating businesses/stores to issue the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD for their consumers/customers, a card that has the same terms of issue, duration and use for all its holders in the global market.
The GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is sold exclusively by BYDO, featuring the guarantee and prestige of BYDO and the extensive network of its business partners. By purchasing/acquiring a GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD, consumers are automatically entitled to free access to all discounts/offers/coupons registered with the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARDS by businesses/Sellers cooperating with BYDO for the entire duration of its validity term, with no need to purchase/acquire their discount cards too. The GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD does not offer consumers a simple discount in all participating businesses/Sellers, but allows them access to each discount/offer/coupon registered by each cooperating business upon its registration to the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM.
The payment and receipt of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD constitutes the issuer Seller and the holder of the card know and fully and unreservedly accept the “BYDO Terms of Use”, which include the present terms of use of the GLOBAL CARD LOYALTY PROGRAM as an integral part thereof, and accept that said terms specifically set out the rights and any obligations thereof in relation to the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD.
BYDO reserves the right to accept or reject, at its exclusive discretion, the sales of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD.
The GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is strictly personal, non-assignable and non-transferable to any third party, cannot be lent and cannot be acquired by a minor aged under eighteen. Any joint use of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is prohibited and if attempted BYDO reserves all its rights to cancel the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD.
The GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is not a credit or debit card and therefore the holders thereof cannot carry out commercial or monetary transactions.
The GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is valid exclusively in all businesses participating in BYDO’s GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM. All information about the businesses/Sellers cooperating with BYDO is announced on the website of BYDO.
The use of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD provides consumers with discounts, as applicable each time in accordance with said loyalty program selected by each business/Seller cooperating with BYDO and presented on its digital platform.
Businesses/stores cooperating with BYDO sell the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD via the apps and services of BYDO. Moreover, consumers may also acquire the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD directly via the apps and services of BYDO.
BYDO has the right to discontinue the loyalty program “GLOBAL CARD LOYALTY PROGRAM” at any time and reserves the right to unilaterally amend it. Any such amendment shall be in any case notified, by announcements in the Terms of Use. In this case, card holders reserve the benefits of the program up to the expiry of its validity term and has or reserves no other demand from or claim against BYDO.
Businesses sell the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD in their stores for the price specified by BYDO and at the same time are committed to provide their discounts, without any other claim, to all customers who are currently holders of an active GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD and have acquired it by any other BYDO affiliated business.
The business has the right to leave the program after the lapse of one week after the date the business’s GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD was registered with the BYDO Discount Store and App. In this case, BYDO shall remove the business’s card from BYDO’s digital platform. Any cards that have been issued in the meantime by said business to its customers shall continue to be valid in its store network up to their expiry.
Information regarding the GLOBAL LOYALTY PROGRAM shall be provided through the website of BYDO for the cooperating businesses/Sellers participating in the program. BYDO has no liability for the stay period of any business in the program.


The acquisition price of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is set out exclusively by BYDO, in the currency of the relevant country and is announced on the digital platform of BYDO and in the Terms of Use. Any sale of the card at a price higher that announced by BYDO constitutes a breach of the Terms of Use and results in the direct exclusion of the business from the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM and entitles BYDO to claim compensation.
The purchase price of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is valid for the period specified on BYDO’s Website and in the terms of use and BYDO is free to change said price.
The price change is announced in the same manner on BYDO’s Website and in the Terms of Use.
Consumers buying one (1) GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD shall be additionally entitled to free access for the entire validity term of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD (two months) to all discounts registered with BYDO by other affiliated businesses, without having to pay another price to purchase a new card.


The validity term of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD is specified exclusively by BYDO and announced in its relevant website.


To enable the use of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD verification of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD holder is required. Verification is made via BYDO’s digital platform (BYDO CRM, Business App) by showing their card’s QR or by their mobile number used to register with the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM or/and by showing an official document of identity (such as ID card, passport, driver’s licence).
Card holders are required to show the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD before they are provided with the product or service and pay the bill, to enjoy the benefits of the program.
Holders are entitled to the benefits of the program, as announced on the Website


GLOBAL CARD Users or holders accept and unreservedly declare that:
BYDO has at any time the right to amend, revoke or/and discontinue the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM at any time. In this case, consumers or card holders are not entitled to any compensation for this reason, nor to raise any other claim against BYDO or the businesses cooperating with BYDO.
BYDO has no responsibility for the correctness or completeness of the offered discounts or other information of the cooperating businesses/Sellers, makes no assurances and provides no guarantees regarding any products or services provided by the cooperating businesses/stores in the context of the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM.
BYDO has no liability for any breach or improper execution of the obligations of the cooperating businesses/Sellers in the context of the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM, nor for any negligence or any loss, injury or damage to any person, member or third party or to any property arising in total or partly, directly or indirectly from the receipt, admission, holding, use or misuse of any product or service of the products and services provided by the cooperating businesses.


ΒYDO does not share the personal data of global discount card holders and does not use said data in any way. The details of GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD holders are disclosed only to the businesses with which holders have transacted to acquire or/and use the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD and any use of their personal data is subject to the data protection policy of said businesses.
The registration and receipt of the GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD by the user constitute incontestable proof of knowledge and unreserved acceptance of BYDO’s Terms of Use, which include these Terms as part thereof.
For more information on BYDO’s PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION (press HERE)


BYDO is not responsible if, for any reason, it is unable to provide the Apps and services of the GLOBAL LOYALTY PROGRAM. BYDO reserves the right to amend the terms of the Program at any time at is absolute discretion, such as the price of the GLOBAL CARD.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright) - Trademarks

BYDO is the sole owner, otherwise beneficiary, of the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM, the contents thereof and the digital GLOBAL DISCOUNT CARD, having ensured the necessary licence from the relevant alleged licensors for using the information it posts on said program.
The content of the GLOBALCARD LOYALTY PROGRAM (software, programmes, IT material of any form, data, graphics, trademarks, tradenames, logos etc.) is the intellectual and industrial property of BYDO and is protected under the provisions of the Greek, EU and international legislation.
BYDO reserves all intellectual and industrial property rights with regard to the content and the copies created based on said content.
No modification, copy, reproduction, republishing, uploading to server, dispatch, transmission, transfer, distribution or use thereof and of any contents thereof for the creation of derivative works or in otherwise use or operate, in full or in part, in any way or means for any purpose is allowed without the BYDO’s previous written permission.
BYDO grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited licence of access to this Loyalty Program, the apps and services thereof, for their own personal use, in accordance with BYDO's terms of use.
Except for the above limited licence granted to users, BYDO grants no express or implicit right or licence of use of any intellectual or other property rights, patents, trademarks, logos, distinctive marks. Furthermore, it grants no right to any mirroring of its contents in any other website or other media. In any case, any software and other materials provided by BYDO for access, download or other use, shall be governed by said terms, conditions and licences of use.
Any non-compliance of users with BYDO's terms and conditions shall result to the automatic termination of any rights granted without prior notice and users will be required to immediately destroy all copies of downloaded material that they possess or control.
Any other products or services mentioned in BYDO and bearing the marks of third parties-providers, are the intellectual and industrial property of said parties and therefore the above bodies bear the responsibility for such.
For any questions regarding the rights of any part of BYDO's content, please contact


These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the scope hereof and replace all other agreements between the parties, whether written or oral, about the scope hereof, under the condition that the use of any content may be subject to additional terms by the applicable Seller/Third Party-Provider. Any waiver of any breach of any of the Terms of Use shall not be considered as a continuing waiver or a waiver of any other breach or of any other term or condition, but shall only apply to the case concerned. BYDO may assign its rights or obligations in accordance with these Terms. Users agree not to assign their rights in accordance with these Terms. Any attempt to assign rights shall be valid and will result to the termination of the terms of use and the discontinuation of BYDO's apps and services. If any part of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, said invalidity or non-enforceability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other part or provisions of these Terms, which remain in full force and effect.