Globalcard loyalty system. Everyone wins!

BYDO's Globalcard loyalty system is the new pioneering way for both businesses and consumers to win more. Each business that creates a branded digital Global Discount Card automatically joins the worldwide “Globalcard” loyalty program.

Every Global Discount Card issued by a business has a fixed price and duration and is sold at {{ GDCRateFormatted }} worldwide. When buying a Global Discount Card, consumers enjoy for 2 full months the discounts offered by the particular business, as well as all the discounts and offers of the businesses participating in the “Globalcard” program worldwide.

Benefits for businesses

Instant Profit

When a business issues and sells in a store or through BYDO's Discount Store a new digital Global Discount Card, it receives {{ GDCRateFormatted }} directly from its customer. This way, the company has direct economic benefit from the provision of discounts, vouchers or privileges.

Unlimited Promotion

As soon as a business creates its branded Global Discount Card, it is automatically displayed in BYDO's App & Discount Store and appears in the search results whenever someone searches for discounts or offers through the Nearby feature.

Thousands of New Customers

When a business issues its branded Global Discount Card, it becomes part of a global loyalty program that counts thousands of consumers who buy or download FREE discounts and offers from registered businesses via BYDO's App and Discount Store.

Benefits for consumers

Access to Thousands of Discounts

When consumers purchase a Global Discount Card from your business, they immediately enjoy the discount and privileges you offer, and at the same time they get FREE access to the discounts and privileges of all companies that have issued a Global Discount Card worldwide for 2 months.

Earn More by Spending Less

Paying only {{ GDCRateFormatted }} to buy a Global Discount Card, consumers enjoy discounts on all businesses participating in the Globalcard program worldwide.

A Discount always near the consumers

Through BYDO's App, all Global Discount Card cardholders can visit any affiliated company in the world, wherever they may be and take advantage of the discount provided by the business.

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