The digital innovation in customer loyalty

BYDO created a new generation of digital discount cards and vouchers that completely replace obsolete plastic cards and paper vouchers, offering your business a modern way of communicating with your customers.

Free Registration

All you have to do is register your business in the BYDO platform for free, select the type of digital card or coupon that suits your business needs and customise it right away, by following a few simple, straightforward steps. In just a few minutes, your business loyalty card and/or coupon will be ready to be sent directly to your customers’ smartphones.

Secure Transactions

BYDO's advanced loyalty system provides ultimate security to your business and the cardholders, as digital cards are automatically linked to the ID on the customer's smartphone for fraud protection and instant identification. In addition, each card produces push notifications to its owner, whenever they are within easy reach of your physical store and records all their transactions with your business.

Simple Card Management

With the BYDO Business app you can manage your digital cards, coupons, and your company's loyalty program as a whole, directly from your phone or tablet, without additional equipment. The BYDO Business app is free for download and available for iOS and Android.

Start Now By Creating Your Own Discount Card For FREE

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Create your business listing today and enjoy a world of benefits.