BYDO Vouchers

The modern, digital choice for your business! Join the BYDO Voucher Partner network, accept the digital BYDO Meal & BYDO Compliments cards at your store and give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

With the BYDO Meal Card & BYDO Compliments Card you no longer need to issue paper vouchers or plastic rewards cards. The cards are now on your customers' smartphones in a modern and user-friendly app. Money is directly channelled to your business account with the lowest commission on the market and you get direct access to an expanded network of prospective customers, as you automatically connect with thousands of employers and employees.

Expand your clientèle with the BYDO Meal & Compliments vouchers

BYDO Meal Card

Forget meal vouchers as you know them. A groundbreaking way for providing your employees with meal vouchers has arrived; it is called BYDO Meal Card and you can send it directly to your employees' smartphones.

BYDO Compliments Card

An innovative, fully digital solution for rewarding employee productivity, that at the same time empowers their dedication both to their company and your own business.

Issue your business vouchers in 3 easy steps!

List the beneficiaries

Creating your business voucher is a simple and easy process with BYDO. Just fill in and upload the beneficiaries form.

Deposit the amount

BYDO allows you to pay the amount for the issuance of vouchers by debit/credit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer.

Send the voucher to the recipients

Upon completion of the process, you can send the digital voucher directly to the recipients' smartphones.

Beneficiaries can visit or download the BYDO app to find the closest BYDO network affiliated stores.

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