• Your Business Digital Loyalty Program in 3 steps

    1. Create your digital discount card in minutes

    7 Different Types of Digital Discount Cards

    Ability to create digital Prepaid & Giftcards with PIN

    Ability to create digital orders & coupons

Discover The Benefits Of Your Own Loyalty Program

Advertise Your Business Through The BYDO Discount Store

Your business is advertised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at bydo.com and through the BYDO app, available for Android and iOS.

Manage Your Loyalty Program From Your Smartphone

New customer registration, check-in, as well as coupon and benefit redemption can be now made directly from your smartphone or tablet, without any additional equipment!

Manage Your Cards & Coupons

Manage your business cards and coupons effortlessly. Through the BYDO CRM, all cards, coupons and event cards are sent directly to your customers' smartphones.

Create Advertising Campaigns

Boost your business's image, attract new customers and at the same time advertise your business to a valuable audience.

Communicate Directly With Your Customers

The BYDO CRM allows you to communicate directly with your customers. Organise your meetings, confirm reservations or send exclusive offers directly to your customers’ smartphones!

Stay Connected To A Global Business Network

The BYDO CRM allows you to interact with other businesses. Send your card widget or simply create synergies with other companies to promote your business or to sell your cards through the BYDO Partners Panel.

Build Your Own Customer Loyalty Program In 4 Easy Steps

Register your Business

Registration is FREE and takes only a few minutes. Register your business with BYDO and enjoy a world of benefits.

Create Your Discount Card

Your discount card is automatically generated from photos uploaded to Google My Business, your Facebook Business Page, or even from free Pixabay photos. You just have to set your discount or offer and its expiry date and you are ready to send your card directly to your customers' smartphones. This way you are creating a solid and loyal customer base for your business.

Configure Your Store's Website

A webstore with your business' digital discount cards and coupons is automatically generated with the information you provided during registration. You can customise it with text, photos and additional details.

Download The BYDO Business App

The BYDO Business app allows you to manage your entire business loyalty program directly from your smartphone, monitoring your card sales, customer check-in, promotional campaigns, etc.

Start Now By Creating Your Own Discount Card For FREE

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Create your business listing today and enjoy a world of benefits.